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Last week we used our promo code to rent “Horton Hears A Who”

Last summer BYU had a free family event where they were showing ‘Horton Hears A Who’ on a big screen outside but I was off wandering through the gardens with Sariah most of the time so I never got to see much of it.

This was a movie that we all watched together as a family. Sariah and Rebekah loved the Elephant they called it the “Elephant Bovie”. I really liked the movie and would reccommend it to any one who has not seen it yet. I love the line “a person’s a person no matter how small” it made me think of the connection I had with my babies when I was pregnant and eventhough we couldn’t see the baby we knew she was still a person.

The movie is about Horton the Elephant who learns that a village of ‘Who’s’ live in a little speck and when others try to destroy the speck Horton goes on an adventure to save the speck.

Photobucket Sariah and Rebekah looked out the window yesterday as JJ left for school. They watched him walk to the bus stop up the street and laughed as he walked up and down the sidewalk because he would walk out of their view and back into their view so it was like a game of peek-a-boo. I left and went to clean up the kitchen and soon after both girls came running to me saying “Daddy take a bus. Daddy take a bus!” They seemed very facinated about him going on the bus.

After lunch we left to go to the post office to mail a couple of packages. As we were walking to the car I noticed that Sariah was walking away from the car so I took her hand and guided her to the car. She then said “Daddy take a bus – Lila take a bus!” I told her that we are taking the car but we will take her on the bus sometime.

I think it will be fun to take her on the bus and JJ and I are trying to decide where we should take the bus to. It will be a fun family activity!

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I don’t know why I waited so long to go to an Ikea store, the Ikea rave started much earlier in Canada than the US but I just never went. Maybe because I didn’t really need to buy anything back then since I was still living with my parents :)

My sister-in-law got us some pillows for Christmas from Ikea which are so comfortable!

JJ and I went to Ikea for the first time last friday. We are planning on buying some new kitchen cabinets with our tax rebate and looking online, Ikea’s prices are lower than Home Depot.  Ikea’s prices are suprisingly low and their products look like they are of a really good quality.

I like how they have displays of the products so you know what the packaged product looks like. In a warehouse looking area their are not many displays just a bunch of boxes with Industrial clamps but I think the displays for those items were upstairs. We never looked up there and actually never got the chance to look at the kitchen cabinets. We did buy a shoe shelf that we still need to paint and food storage containers.

Hopefully we will get the chance to go back soon. Our closest Ikea is half an hour away but it seems so far because we live in an area where everything is so close to us.

We had fun over the weekend. It was JJ’s brother’s birthday, he lives less than an hour away so we were able to celebrate with him and his wife. It was funny, I told Sariah on Friday morning that we were going to Uncle Stephen’s birthday party so she was singing “happy birthday to Stephen” all morning then when we got to their apartment she didn’t want to say “happy birthday” but when we were about to eat the cake she shyly looked up at Stephen and said “happy birt-day” It was very cute!

We gave him our old laptop for his birthday gift. This laptop takes like 15 minutes just to start up so it is extremely slow! I am sure he would have much rather gotten one of those netbooks but he’s majoring in computer technology or something like that so maybe he can fix it :) We also got him a box of Little Debbie snack cookies.

Yesterday Sariah was said “I want a Lila happy birt-day” (she calls herself lila) I excitedly told her that it will be her birthday next month. She will be 3!


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Last week we used our free promo code to rent: Eagle Eye

This is a movie that was recommended to JJ by one of his brothers. It is about a super computer that is created by the government that has its own mission in mind to accomplish. It directs two people into helping it to carry out its plan  causing a lot of destruction on the way. I found the movie kind of disturbing while JJ found it creative. I think it is definitely more of a ‘guy’ movie.

Rebekah turned 19 months old yesterday and Sariah turned 35 months – Next month she will be three!!!

Here is a completely adorable picture of them! They are just so cute together and the best of friends. They are close to the same size so JJ always puts Sariah’s clothes on Rebekah which gets Sariah upset. It will be interesting to see if they fight over clothes when they are older as my twin sister and I never fought over clothes.


Rebekah certainly lives up to her middle name – Nartuya – which means Sun Ray in Mongolian. She is a very happy little girl and normally a peace maker. She will give up the toy she is playing with because Sariah wants it and even with other children she will tickle them or play peek-a-boo with them if they are crying. Rebekah loves to match colours and shapes. She doesn’t know what they are yet but she can match them together. This afternoon she was making a piece of egg and a piece of bread talk to each other. The bread told the egg “now, brush your teeth”. I never thought seeing my kids play with their food would be funny!

Sariah is becoming quite a funny little girl. When she is supposed to be taking a nap she will sometimes run out a few times to show me some funny facial expression. She also tries to convince me to buy her something when she comes grocery shopping with me. Then when she learns that I am not going to give into her she puts whatever she wants on the cashier belt she also likes to carry coins in her pocket. She is contiuing to enjoy practicing her printing and she has recently developed an interest in learning what foods different animals eat.

To give you an idea of how close in size they are here is a picture of Rebekah sitting on Sariah’s lap below. I think it is so cute when Sariah has Rebekah sit on her lap so she can read her book or hold her. She definitely loves to be the big sister!


It is nice to be able to upload these cute pictures of them so easily since our computer has a slot for memory cards. I gave my flash memory drive to JJ so he can use it for his school work.

Hancock Fabrics had a great sale going on over the Presidents day weekend so I went ahead and bought all the materials to make my first ever quilt and it cost quite a bit less than I had set aside for it, I can use the money I saved to buy fabric to make curtains!
Here is the fabric I picked out. I would have never thought I would be making a Green and Orange quilt but I like natural tones combination. What do you think?

I guess it will look like autumn all year round in our room, maybe one day I will make a quilt for each season :)

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Sariah is 6 and in grade 1 and reads at a 3rd grade level. She loves to wear dresses and skirts. Her name means Princess of the Lord and she sure does live up to that.


Rebekah is 5 and in Kindergarten. She is still at that stage where she is excited every time she gets to do school work. She is my little mommy always wanting to do things for her younger siblings. She is high energy, loves to climb trees, run and practice walking on her hands.


Miriam was my first child born at home and it was a wonderful experience. From day one Miriam has been so sweet. She's not a typical temper tantrum throwing toddler but boy does she keep us all on our toes with her curiosity.


Joshua was also born at home. We nick name him "muscle boy" he is a big sturdy boy but still as sweet as can be. His sisters love to make him laugh.

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