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My girls are becoming such mini adults. They want to do everything JJ and I do!

They now request that I put their lunch in food storage containers, they put those containers into their little backpacks, wave good bye as they stand at the imaginary bus stop to go to work. When I ask them what does daddy do at work they say “he eats yummies”.

They also take care of their baby dolls and sometimes they will help me with house cleaning. Sariah is actually quite good at folding laundry and putting it away.

With me being pregnant they pretend to be pregnant as well and do prenatal check ups on each other. It was so cute about a week ago Sariah told Rebekah to lie on the couch which she did. Sariah then got a little squeeze bottle of hand sanitizer which she squeezed onto Bekah’s tummy and then she put her toy sethescope on the belly and said “we’re going to listen to your baby’s heartbeat”.

Here is a “pregnancy” picture of Bekah from last night:


It seems that they want to go from being babies to adults. I guess skipping the whole puberty stage of acne cream and mood swings wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Still, it is one of those stages that help define who we become as adults.

PhotobucketIf you are running out of ideas on how to encourage your children to do their chores, My Job Chart might be able to help. It is a free website that allows you to assign chores to your children, give points for each chore and give them a reward for reaching a certain number of points.

This could be a fun way to assign chores for older children but for my two year old and (almost) four year old a sticker chart is a more effective option. However I think this website has the potential to encourage younger children to do their chores. Maybe by having a cute character pop up on the screen saying “great job” and telling them what their reward is like “now you get a good night story book” or something like that would be fun for them.

Check out My Job Chart and see if it is something that could help your family. It’s free so you have nothing to loose.


This pregnancy has gone by so fast to me so far! I am excited to meet my new baby but I’m enjoying being pregnant right now. Sariah and Bekah have been very well behaved this week so that helps :)

According to most health care professionals I should have gotten the RhoGAM shot last week as my blood type is negative and JJ’s is positive. However with research that I have done I have decided that it is not necessary for me to get this shot unless I experience some type of injury to my belly like falling. I will be getting the shot after the baby is born if her blood type is positive and most likely it will be. 15% of Caucasian women have a negative blood type so it is quite common. Other races have a lower chance of having a negative blood type.

I have been aiming to walk or use my gazelle for 2 miles everyday and I think that is really helping me to have a good pregnancy and all that exercise will be good when it comes time for labour.

Pregnancy is becoming a natural appetite suppressant for me. I am probably eating the same amount as before though, just smaller meals throughout the day. Sariah and Bekah however must be going through a growth spurt though because they are eating so much more than usual.

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Well today is not the best day to be pregnant. I spent so much time with my kids today and went more above than what I usually do to show them how much I loved them. Then when I put them down for a nap in their room I went into my room to fold laundry. Then I come out to find a chair by the area we keep our baking stuff, I also keep a permanent marker there to date food storage items well I run in their room to see what they got and they are covered in blue ink. Later on I notice that they have coloured on the living room wall and their bedroom door. I feel like crying and Sariah saying that the ‘m’s’ she drew on the wall is for mommy does not help. I think I should call JJ and warn him before he comes home.

Right now I am trying to just think of my baby as a tiny helpless newborn instead of what she might do at 2 and 3 years old. Sigh … I’ll just keep telling myself that there are much much more good days than bad.

I am officially now in the 3rd trimester. Still feeling fine so I feel blessed with the health and comfort I have had during this pregnancy.

I was feeling really annoyed after a WIC appointment I had a few days ago. The nutritionists weighed me and said that I had gained too much weight so smaller portions would be good. I have gained 23 lbs so far and many pregnancy articles say that 17-24 lbs is normal for this far into a pregnancy besides I gained 35 lbs the first two times and lost it all within 6 months of giving birth. Besides this lady doesn’t even know how big my meal portions are. I know its not something I should worry about and I’m not going to stop eating.

Sorry, I guess I’m feeling really negative today. I’ll stop blogging now. Maybe I should go take a nap – on the couch in front of Sariah and Rebekah’s room.

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Being creative with my menu plan is like going on a hunt for gold coins. I guess I am doing a little better than before. I need to keep a list of menu ideas so I don’t have to spend so long thinking each Monday morning. I also want to try at least one new recipe each week.

Monday: Pork Steaks, mashed potatoes and a salad.

Tuesday: Main: Spaghetti with homemade tomato zucchini sauce. Side:  Steamed Asparagus.

Wednesday: Main: Veggie Stir-fry Side: Salad

Thursday: Main: Split pea soup with veggies. Side: Bread.

Friday: Date night. We never did use our Olive Garden Gift card that we were going to use a couple weeks ago so we are planning to use it this Friday since I have an Olive Garden coupon that expires on Saturday. We’ll probably make sandwiches and fruit for the kids.

Saturday: I will be having dinner at a church party!

Sunday: BBQ’d sirloin steak, mesquite potatoes and broccoli with a cheese sauce.

Photobucket A few weeks ago we bought curtains for our bedroom, living room and kitchen. The living room and kitchen are a dark brown and our bedroom is a light cream colour. We decided to go with light walls/dark curtains and dark walls/light curtains. We also need dark curtains for the areas where the kids are going to be often so little smudges won’t show up so easily. JJ put studs in the walls to nail the curtain rods to so the kids can’t pull it down.

When we first put the curtains up in the living room it seemed way too dark for the room. But its growing on me, I guess it looks kind of classy – we need Golden lighting fixtures now :)

We are going to paint the kitchen before we put the curtains up there. I am looking forward to getting rid of all the blinds. I will either donate them to the DI or Habitat For Humanity unless I hear of someone who needs blinds.


This is my last week in the 2nd trimester which is considered the best part of most pregnancies as you are not as likely to have morning sickness and the uncomfortable stage usually hits during the 3rd trimester.

I am noticing a shortness of breath sometimes which is normal for this week. With Sariah and Bekah this lasted until they “dropped”. I am also noticing the baby having hiccups which is cute but also makes me wonder if it is uncomfortable for the baby.

One interesting statistic is that babies born at 27 weeks gestation have a 90% chance of survival with today’s medical technology.

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