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PhotobucketThis is a picture of me several years ago at GM Place on the day we found out that Vancouver would be hosting the 2010 Olympics! I still have that towel which I have to continually save from JJ who tries to use it to clean something!

The ‘Decision Day’ at GM Place was so cool. There were many Canadian Olympians in attendance and we were able to watch the IOC members, people in Korea and Austria as well as those of us in Vancouver and Whistler on a big screen. The British Columbians were by far the most energetic and of course when we received the announcement that we were going to host the Olympics everyone just went crazy!!!

The reason why I am re-living that experience is because I wanted to share a cool program I learned about with you, SOGO Active. It was created by Coca Cola and ParticipAction to help Canadians between the ages of 13-19 live more active, healthier lifestyles. Canadian youth who sign up with SOGO Active can earn entries to become a torchbearer! How cool is that?! Entries are awarded based on how active you are. Over 1000 youth who join this program will be chosen to be torchbearers.

If you are a Canadian over 19 you can still participate as a community host, scheduling actvities within your community to help youth become more active. This would be a wonderful way for Canadians to get involved their communities!

Share this exciting program with all the Canadian youth you know, they will have you to thank if they are given the opportunity to become a torchbearer.

When I learned that today we would be having our mediation appointment to try and work out our dispute with our previous apartment landlord I became so nervous about it. JJ said that we were not going to bring the kids but we called about 7 people and we had no luck finding a baby-sitter so we fed them a lot for lunch, packed colouring books, crayons and toys and took them with us. We sat them down and told them that we were going to a meeting and they had to be very quiet and play toys and colour like they are at church. During the beginning of the meeting Rebekah and Sariah began to fight over crayons but I just took Bekah, threw a blanket over us and nursed of the few times that JJ is happy that Rebekah still nurses :) …  and she stayed quiet the whole time and Sariah coloured and played with her Fisher Price Noah’s Ark animals.

I’ll be honest and say that I was really upset with the apartment managers and I was not looking for a ‘compromise’ but waiting in the waiting area of the BYU Mediation Office did soften my heart as there was a board with a picture of Christ and several scriptures with words such as “love those who despitefully use you” and “those who are full of contention are not of me”. JJ joked that they should have the “eye for an eye” old testament type scriptures up.

Because of Legal issues I can’t talk about what was said in the meeting but I will say that we are very happy with the outcome. We received the amount of money that we felt we were entitled to. Before we left the mediator told us that he felt that things went well because JJ and I were calm and just stated the facts and were not confrontational. He said that most people come to the mediation ready for a fight and nothing gets worked out. So moral of the story if you want justice don’t be confrontational :)


There are several sites out there that will give you points for shopping with their affilate companies that you can turn in for a prize but I found a site ( today that will give you cash back for shopping with their partners. When I signed up I automatically received $5 cash into my account. Ebates will send you a check or deposit the money into your paypal account every 3 months as long as you have at least $5.01 in your account.

How it works is you choose from over 1000 stores to shop at and you receive a certain percentage of your purchase back. Say if you spend $50 at Target’s online store using a coupon for 4% back on clothing purchases at target, you will then receive $2 in your account within 30 days of your purchase. One great reason to use ebates for is to get discounts on travel by using their air travel and car rental coupons then of course you get cash back as well.

Sign up here! It is open to people worldwide!


If you followed my blog last year you know that I like watching American Idol. Last year was the first time in 4 years that I was able to watch it because our apartment came with cable. Now we are cableless again which I wouldn’t have any other way but I like watching American Idol. I wish there was a way I could *legally* watch the full episode of the auditions online so I am just going to pretend that the auditions are not happening :)

I think it is so cool that they had an audition in Salt Lake and I really want to see that audition, anyone want to invite me over to watch it? :)


Today only – January 14th you can sign up here to get a free bottle of Suave product up to $3. This is part of a Suave campaign to let women know that they can live beautifully for less. I personally prefer the Kirkland brand shampoo and conditioner and it is cheaper per ounce than Sauve but hey, free is always great! I think I’ll use my free coupon to treat myself to some nice smelling body lotion!

Open to US residents only.


I am so happy to be able to see well. My prescription never changed but having new glasses that don’t have any scratches (and they are properly made) make a huge difference. The only way I could see better is by either having laser surgery or wearing contacts.

I used to wear contacts occassionally but after I got married I decided to just wear glasses to save on money. I am jealous that my sister gets all of her contacts and her glasses free because she works for an optical company.

If you wear contact lenses, you may be able to get them for less online through AC Lens. You save even more per box if you buy several boxes at once. I compared AC Lens’s prices to Walmart’s and AC Lens is much cheaper. For example if you buy 1 day Acuvue’s at Walmart the lowest price you will pay is $26.99 per box if you buy 12 boxes. While at AC Lens the same box will cost $19.45 per box if you buy 8 boxes. They also have great prices on contacts for astigmatism and the Biomedics Toric.

Overusing disposable contact lenses can cause serious eye problems. AC Lens recently came out with a product to help people remember when to change their contacts and their lens case. It is called LensAlert!  The Women’s World magazine recently recommended it in their “products we love” section. It is one of those products that leave you thinking “why didn’t I think of that?”. Go check it out!


The older my girls get the more often I am asked “are they twins?”. Sariah is quite small for her age and Bekah is average so they are close to the same size but I am still surprised when I am asked this because to me Rebekah still looks a year younger. However I took a picture of them together yesterday and when I looked at the picture on my digital camera screen I found myself thinking – they look like twins!!!

I will show you the picture but first of all look at both of them when they were little babies:

Here is Sariah:

Here is Rebekah:

They look so different, right?

Here is the picture from last night as they were looking at books together before going to sleep:

Still no chance of mixing up baby pictures but they look so much similar now!


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JJ and Melissa have been married for 7 years. JJ is from Tennessee and he is currently in his (hopefully!) last year of grad school at BYU for a doctorates in BioChemistry. Melissa is from Canada and spends her days with four beautiful children homeschooling, changing cloth diapers, cooking and cleaning! Contact me at


Sariah is 6 and in grade 1 and reads at a 3rd grade level. She loves to wear dresses and skirts. Her name means Princess of the Lord and she sure does live up to that.


Rebekah is 5 and in Kindergarten. She is still at that stage where she is excited every time she gets to do school work. She is my little mommy always wanting to do things for her younger siblings. She is high energy, loves to climb trees, run and practice walking on her hands.


Miriam was my first child born at home and it was a wonderful experience. From day one Miriam has been so sweet. She's not a typical temper tantrum throwing toddler but boy does she keep us all on our toes with her curiosity.


Joshua was also born at home. We nick name him "muscle boy" he is a big sturdy boy but still as sweet as can be. His sisters love to make him laugh.

Baby #5

Lydia was born on November 30th!
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