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Today it is Sariah’s 3rd birthday and I tried to make it special for her. I thought JJ was going to be taking the car today because he is working late all this week but he helped a friend move today so his friend gave him a ride home.

This was good for us because I was able to take Sariah to Library story time which she loves and we also went to the park. Before JJ left for school we gave her Sidewalk chalk, which she loves so much that she has the box of chalk in bed with her right now! Sariah also received a package from Mamaw and Papaw (JJ’s parents). They gave her toy food that actually lets her peel the banana’s and cut vegetables – It is pretty cool but she won’t let me or Rebekah play with it.

We are having a birthday party for Sariah on the 28th which will be so much fun. I got some plastic Easter eggs and I am going to put stickers inside them and we will be having an Easter egg hunt. Hopefully it is nice so we can do this outside.


My husband used to laugh at the fact that his Grandmother would say that burnt meat causes cancer. Well he is now a Bio-Chemistry grad student focusing on cancer research and has learned that burnt meat can in fact cause cancer.

It seems that the big thing Cancer researchers are studying is inflammation causing cancer. This makes sense as sun damage inflames the skin and can cause melanoma, asbestos inflames the lungs and can cause Mesothelioma.

We all know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer so I feel that the research my husband does and other cancer researchers is so important. Even more important than finding new treatments for cancer patients is learning how we can prevent ourselves from cancer. Before I go through the list I feel that it is important to mention that through genetics some people are more prone to cancer than others.

  • Garlic has anti-inflammitory properties and is linked to preventing ‘digestive’ cancers such as stomach and colon.
  • If you have a baby, breastfeed for at least one year. Breastfeeding prevents breast cancer.
  • Be sure that glue, varnishes and other products you use do not contain Benzene as this is linked to causing Leukemia.
  • Eat foods high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help neutralize the free radical cells than can go through your body and cause cancer. Some good sources are berries, beans oats and vegetables such as spinach and artichokes.
  • Drink at least 48 ounces of water a day.
  • Lighten up – Stress takes a big toll on our bodies and can cause higher levels of cancer causing antigens in out bodies.
  • Live by high moral standards – don’t drink alcohol, smoke and uh…wait until you are married and stay faithful I think everyone knows what I mean :) – while I may get burned for saying this gay men are at high risk of anal cancers.  ‘Un-moral’ activities account for more than 30% of cancers. While some studies claim that wine prevents cancer those same ‘preventative measures’ are found in grapes and alcohol has been linked to mouth, throat, esophageal, liver, and breast cancer.

You can learn more about cancer at


As most children do Sariah and Rebekah love animals so I have been wanting to take them to the zoo for awhile. Well we did take Sariah to the Boise, Idaho zoo when she was 2 months old but that doesn’t count :)

I have been to enough zoos to know that some zoos are really not worth the money and it is sad to see animals that look like they are being fed weightloss pills and live in cages that are too small for them and don’t offer much stimulation. So I decided to research the Hogle Zoo for a bit and I learned that the zoo has enrichment programs for the animals, they care for them well and are involved in programs that help animals worldwide.They are also accredited by the Association Of Zoo’s And Aquariums. One fact that surprised me was that less than 10% of Aquariums And Zoo’s meet AZA’s strict guidelines. Only 5 in Canada meet those guidelines! I wasn’t surprised that the Calgary Zoo and Vancouver Aquarium were accredited as they are the best Zoo and Aquarium I have been to. However Canada has a lot more than 5 zoo’s and aquariums so this is quite sad to learn. I will definitely go to AZA’s website before I visit a zoo or aquarium again and learn if I should be supporting them.

On Saturday we went to the Hogle Zoo as our birthday gift to Sariah. As I got the kids ready for bed on Friday night I showed them pictures of all the animals we would see at the zoo and when we finished with that. Sariah sighed and said “Oh no! I want to go to the zoo now!” it was so cute. She is going to be a funny 3 year old!

The next day when we got to the zoo both Sariah and Rebekah were great and loved looking at all the animals. Each animal we got to Sariah had to look around and see what foods the animals ate. Banana’s and carrots made sense to her but she yelled at the giraffes for eating ‘grass’ (hay). Sariah said that her favourite animals were the Elephants and the Rhinos. Rebekah’s favourite were the monkeys. She even asked for a ‘monkey ride’ (piggy back ride) so I had her get on my back and JJ tied the sling on me. She enjoyed riding around the zoo like that for awhile! However the only exhibit they left crying was the playground.

monkey ride

Today’s Redbox Promo Code: (March 9th 2009) 2GR4N8 Expires at midnight. Use at any Redbox Location for a free one night DVD Rental. Find the closest Redbox location to you.

Last week we used our free rental code to rent: Space Chimps

This is our 3rd week in a row using our free promo code to rent a movie that we could watch with the kids. It is fun watching movies with them and listening to them talk about the movie after it is over. Our daughters love any movie with cute animals in them and Rebekah especially loves monkeys (she acts like one too – swinging on everything!) I also love watching Rebekah dance to the music!

Space chimps is about the grandson of Ham who was the first chimp to go into space (that chimp’s name really was Ham). The grandson whose name is Ham III works in a circus and has no desire to go out into space, however when he finds himself on a mission to find life on another planet he learns to respect what his grandfather did.

JJ and I thought it was kind of funny and cute but Sariah and Rebekah loved the ‘monkeys’.

I have a fairly new blog where I write reviews of products and services I have received and list freebies and contests I learn about.

PhotobucketI found a great website – today with beautiful candles that are very inexpensive. Since it is not a freebie I thought I would share it on this blog. I am thinking of getting some sage vanilla lime votive candles. I love the colour sage and that scent combination sounds wonderful. The price is also wonderful – 72 candles for 17.99. That is so cheap! The website also sells Votive candle holders at a great price as well – 12 for $6.99! I love candles but they can be expensive and the dollar tree kind melt very quickly but the candles from can be used for at least 10 hours.


One of my biggest ‘road pet peeves’ is people talking on their cell phones or texting while driving. You have enough to concentrate on while driving without the added distraction of a phone! I have almost been hit while driving or walking across the street from people driving while on cell phones. This really gets me upset since I have two young children with me.

Not only are driving and cell phones a very bad combination, what I saw yesterday while driving was even worse. I had to slam my brakes for a man who looked about 90 years old talking on a cell phone while driving and he ran a stop sign! An elderly person talking on a cell phone while driving is like a 90 pound woman taking diet pills. They just don’t go well together at all!

Only 5 States have banned handheld cell phone use while driving and 8 states have banned texting while driving. This is ridiculous! How many people have to die before it is illegal to talk on your cell phone while driving?


Last night JJ’s youngest brother, Ryan flew into Salt Lake from Chattanooga because he had decided to serve a two year mission for the LDS church. Since we only live about 10 minutes away from the Missionary Training Center he was able to stay with us over night and we took him to the MTC early this afternoon. Last night JJ’s brother, Stephen and Stephen’s wife, Kristina picked Ryan up from the airport and we all had some cake and ice cream at our house.

Just like my brother who stayed with us for a day before his mission, Ryan seemed nervous and full of questions. JJ, Stephen and Kristina all answered questions for him since they all served full-time missions.

We saw a lot of nervous young men and women at the MTC today and a lot of crying family members. The one that most touched me was a little girl who was about 5 crying becuase her brother was leaving.

These young people are so far from home and put their school and jobs on hold for 18 months – 2 years to share the gospel with others. They even pay for their missions themselves which is about $10,000.  Missionaries are sent all over the world. Ryan is going on the Samara, Russia mission. My brother will come home from Ecuador this November!

Here is a picture of us dropping him off.


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