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My baby has a fully functional circulation system and uses her lungs to mimic breathing. However she will not take her first breath until after she born as before birth all of her oxygen is received from the umbilical cord. The average baby at this week is about 2 lbs and 14 inches long. It is fun to think about what the baby is doing. I still think often about the baby having her entire fist in her mouth during the ultrasound it makes me wish I had chosen the video package so I could share that with everyone.

I am still feeling fine. No discomfort yet or braxton hicks both of which came earlier than 26 weeks with my first two. I also haven’t received any formula coupons, life insurance marketing or baby magazine offers through the mail. It makes me wonder if doctors offices sell their patients information since I have never signed up for any online freebies for baby stuff. Another benefit to having a CPM. I had a midwife appointment last Saturday which went well. Everything is normal and Sariah and Bekah had fun pointing out areas of my belly for the midwife to place the doppler. We are not able to hear the baby through the stethoscope yet even though you usually can at 25 weeks. Nothing to worry about though.

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Another week of homemade dinners coming up! I realize that we make french fries often but according to my husband these are healthy fries because we fry them in Olive Oil. It is a good thing that greasy foods causing acne isn’t true or we would need adult acne treatment with all the fries we eat.

Monday – Main: Veggie Stir-fry. Side: Tossed Green Salad

Tuesday: Main: Spinach and Mushroom Quiche. Side: Steamed asparagus and carrots.

Wednesday: Main: Spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce. Side: Spinach salad.

Thursday: Main: Lentil Soup with veggies that I find on sale this week. Side: Whole Wheat Bread with butter.

Friday: Main: Homemade Pizza Side: Spinach salad.

Saturday: Main: Veggie burgers on homemade rolls. Side: Homemade Seasoned Fries.

Sunday: Green bean casserole, baked chicken, mashed potatoes and biscuits.


Luckily my family doesn’t get sick very often however us cautious moms worry about allergens and germs in our homes. I find myself washing our pillows often and replacing them each year. Still, wonder how many germs my family is sleeping on.

The Today Show recently aired a segment about pillows and germs. Very valuable information but be prepared to be grossed out :)

PhotobucketNationalAllergy has designed healthy pillows called Healthy Dreams Germ-Fighter Pillow. These are the only pillows to have a Micrenza bio-filter which prevents the growth of mold, bacteria and dust mites. The biggest selling point for me is that the Healthy Dreams pillows remain germ and mold free for as long as you own it. This is backed by a 10 year warranty!

For busy mom’s like me the pillows are easy to care for. You don’t machine wash them, just spot clean and vacuum. They start at $49.99 which is less than what I would spend on a pillow replacing it every year. If I do end up trying the pillows out I will definitely give you a review.


So even though this was a week ago I thought I would blog about it anyways.

Photobucket Our valentines weekend started out on Friday evening when JJ gave me a beautiful necklace that is pictured on the left. He gave it to me on Friday night because his request is that I wear it on all of our dates and we had a date planned for the following day. JJ asked if he could get his Valentines gift because he already saw it – I need to hide things better! I got him a big box of 36 packages of Resse’s Peanut Butter Cups. I bought it at a case lot sale of course.

We started Saturday morning out by dropping the kids off at JJ’s brothers and his wife’s apartment for them to babysit (thanks Stephen and Kristina!) and then we went to the Salt Lake LDS Temple.

After the Temple we walked over to a restaurant in Downtown Salt Lake City called One World Cafe. It was the place where JJ took me to on our first date almost 6 years ago! He figured that it was a place that I would like. It is a really neat place. They serve only unprocessed organic and free range foods. When we first went there everything was Vegetarian but now they usually have a meat dish available. It is a buffet style where someone serves your food and at the end you pay what you feel the meal is worth. For people in the community who can’t afford to eat well they offer them an opportunity to work in exchange for a meal. They have a motto of giving people a hand up not a hand out – what a great idea! Rice and Dahl is offered to everyone for free though. The food is good and healthy even my husband likes the food and his idea of a multivitamin for men is cocoa puffs. The cafe has a few different rooms to dine in which allows for privacy  – this led to us having our first kiss at this restaurant back in August 2004!

Sunday I stayed home from church with Sariah because she had a cough and a fever. It was a good thing I stayed home because later on I got a fever as well but no coughing which is nice because that would be very uncomfortable combined with pregnancy. Luckily we are all feeling fine now.  That evening I made JJ a steak dinner with mesquite potatoes (we tried to copy a one world cafe dish but it didn’t taste exactly the same) and broccoli with a cheese sauce.


It is fun to watch my hometown host the Olympics but I’m sure it would be way more fun to be at home right now. I was talking to my Mom and sister on the phone yesterday and they mentioned how they got to meet Alexandre Bilodeau, the olympic athlete to win Canada’s first gold medal of these games.  while they were downtown.

I haven’t really watched much of the olympics on TV. I think NBC’s online coverage is much better than their TV coverage. My favourite sports that I have watched so far are Speedskating and Snowboarding. I think it is fun to watch how fast those athletes go – those must be some of the best fat burner sports.

Sariah and Rebekah enjoyed watching the Pairs figure skating. They love to watch ballets and ballroom dancing on youtube so I knew they would like it. It was so cute to watch them try to copy the figure skaters.


Michelle Duggar the famous mom of 19 children gave birth to her youngest child while she was just 25 weeks pregnant due to preeclampsia. While the baby requires a lot of medical care it is amazing that the technology we have can give babies this premature a chance at survival.

I am grateful that both Sariah and Rebekah were born at during my 40th week of pregnancy and I hope that this baby and all future babies make it to at least 37 weeks.

It is fun to watch my belly grow. Some pregnant women are self conscious about their weight gain and act as if they wish there were safe diet pills to take during pregnancy. But I actually feel more confident about my body when I’m pregnant.

The average baby at this point in pregnancy is about 13.5 inches long and 1.5 lbs.

Are you 25 weeks pregnant? Visit to learn about your developing baby and changes happening to your body


On Friday Utah’s public transportation had a little promotion to help people consider using the bus and trains to help reduce emissions to provide cleaner air by making it free for one day.

Since JJ takes the bus the school, Sariah and Bekah are always excited to see a bus go buy so I decided that it would be fun to take them on a bus ride and of course there is no better price than free so Friday was the perfect day. The weather was also pretty perfect!

We got to the bus stop about 5 minutes before the bus came. Sariah and Bekah noticed the bus coming before I did. My girls had a blast on the bus ride, they were more excited than a teenager finding the best acne pills. Their squealing and laughing made all the other bus riders laugh as well.

We stopped at a playground and played for about an hour then went back home. Sariah and Bekah were so good on the ride home because they knew that they had friends coming over to play. I am so happy that it was a successful trip with well behaved children.

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Rebekah is 5 and in Kindergarten. She is still at that stage where she is excited every time she gets to do school work. She is my little mommy always wanting to do things for her younger siblings. She is high energy, loves to climb trees, run and practice walking on her hands.


Miriam was my first child born at home and it was a wonderful experience. From day one Miriam has been so sweet. She's not a typical temper tantrum throwing toddler but boy does she keep us all on our toes with her curiosity.


Joshua was also born at home. We nick name him "muscle boy" he is a big sturdy boy but still as sweet as can be. His sisters love to make him laugh.

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