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JJ had his last final on Wednesday and he had the day off yesterday. We accomplished a lot!

First we went to few insurance companies to compare insurance rates for car and home insurance as our car insurance policy ends today. We currently have State Farm for car and Allstate for home so we are trying to find the best deal and have both insurances with one company. We haven’t settled on a company as everyone who has Quest for their internet service were all having problems with their internet so we couldn’t get quotes from them.

After this we went home for lunch then I took Sariah and Rebekah to playgroup at a playground while JJ mowed the grass and turned the soil for our garden. Sounds like a fair trade-off, right? The girls had a lot of fun at the playground and they were very good at leaving the playground when I told them that it was time to go home.

Then it was nap time for the kids while JJ and I finished getting the garden ready for planting. When the kids woke up we went to walmart to get some gardnening gloves as JJ got blisters. We also got some Jalapeno Pepper seeds (we want to grow everything we need to make our own salsa!) Sariah and Rebekah wanted watermelon seeds so we decided to give watermelons a try as well! I still want to get strawberry and blueberry bushes – yummy!

Now we just need to wait for the weather to be consistently nice so we can but our plants outside. After a beautiful warm week, it is supposed to drop back into the 30′s next week! Our green beans look like they are getting too big to stay in the started pots so hopefully we can get them outside soon. Here is what our indoor garden looks like so far:



One of my goals is to have a tidy and organized house. One area that really needed organizing was the ‘diaper station’ in our bathroom. I just had the cloth diapers, covers and cloth wipes jumbled together in a cardboard box. First of all cardboard next to a wall especially in a moist area is very bad as it can cause mold. Luckily we haven’t had a mold problem in our bathroom but still it was an eyesore.

When Carousel Designs, a baby bedding company asked me I was interested in reviewing of their products I noticed that they sold Diaper Stackers I immediately said yes! It took me quite some time to pick out a design to review because there are so many adorable designs shown on the website.

diaperstackerI decided to go with the Spa and Chocolate Gumball Diaper Stacker. I love the blue and brown combination and thought it would go well with our bathroom as that is where we change Rebekah’s diapers.  As someone who enjoys sewing, I found a lot of appreciation in the quality of craftsmanship that went into making the diaper stacker. It is very sturdy and so easy to put diapers into and take diapers out. I have all the cloth diapers folded once in half placed in the diaper stacker with the covers on top of the diapers. I think it would be neat if Carousel Designs added pockets to their diaper stackers for the baby wipes. However I did find a cute little blue and brown basket to keep all the wipes in. My bathroom is definitely more attractive now!

The diaper stacker works great with both cloth diapers and disposables. Each diaper stacker has a whole bedroom decor set to match available to purchase on

april09The 19th is ‘month day’ at our house since both of our daughters were born on the 19th of the month they were born in. It is fun to give updates on the girls around this time. I am a few days late this month. Looking at the picture it may be difficult to point out who is older. Rebekah is the younger one, she is holding the card that says ‘mommy’.

Sariah is now 37 months – getting too old to count by months soon! Poor Sariah hasn’t had the attention she’s deserved this past month as she was sent to a few different babysitters while we went to doctors appointments and stayed in the hospital with Rebekah. She was a great help when Rebekah first came home from the hospital. She stopped Bekah from trying to take her IV out and reminded Bekah not to jump off couches and other objects because she has “owie tummy”.

After several weeks of Sariah telling me that she wants to learn how to read and asking what words say I have attempted to try and teach her how to read. Some child development ‘experts’ believe that memorizing words is the best way to teach children and other believe that a phonic approach is better. So I have decided to try a combination of both. Sariah could tell you all the letters and sounds soon after she turned two. I made word cards to help Sariah recognize words and I have a book from one of my early childhood education classes on preschool phonic activities that we can play.

Yesterday Sariah pointed out 3 words and correctly said what the word was – daddy, mommy and Sariah. Rebekah also enjoys playing word games and phonic games.

Rebekah is now 21 months old – She has had a tough month with having her appendix rupture, doctors and hospital visits. The poor little girl has no idea that she will be getting surgery next month. There seems to be a lot of ups and downs. Usually she is her happy energetic self and then other times she has a complete appetite suppressant and the worst is when she screams out in pain holding her tummy. Bekah is a tough little girl and I am sure that after the surgery she will bounce back quickly.

We have been having Rebekah in our bed while she has been sick and now we are slowly getting Rebekah to sleep by herself. We have a large comfortable chair with an ottoman in our room that she sleeps in. After she fully recovers from surgery we will get her a bed a move her into Sariah’s room. That will be interesting to see if they can actually fall asleep together. It was difficult for my parents to get my twin sister and I to go to sleep when we were in the same room so we had to go into different rooms. We can’t do that since we only have 2 bedrooms!

It is funny how she often slightly sits up to sleep. I think this is because she falls asleep looking at a book.

PurI am very lucky, my daughters love to drink water. Maybe it is because JJ and I drink more water than any other beverage? Whatever the reason, starting the habit of drinking water young is great!

This morning when Sariah and Rebekah asked for water in their sippy cups, out of habit I filled their sippy cups with water from the outside of the fridge. They both began saying “no,no”. Sariah opened the fridge door and pointed to the PUR water pitcher that I had been reviewing over the weekend. I noticed that the PUR water tasted better but I did not realize that my children also preferred the PUR Water. Maybe it does taste better or maybe the filter on my fridge needs to be changed? Either way I can still have the convenience of  quickly filling up a glass of water outside of the fridge and the taste of PUR water because PUR sells refrigerator filters as well. However I prefer having a pitcher of water on the table during meals to help encourage my family to drink more water.

Having filtered water available at home is so much better than drinking bottled water every day. Did you know that according to Discovery Planet Green 1.5 million barrels of oil are used each year to make bottled water in the US. That is enough oil to fuel 100,000 cars for a whole year.

Here are some highlights of the PUR Water Filter:

  • When you buy a PUR product, a percentage of the profits will go to provide clean drinking water for children in developing nations.
  • PUR water filters are certified to remove twice as much contaminants as Brita filters.
  • PUR water filters can remove over 99% of pharmaceuticals. While scientists have not found any harm with having pharmaceuticals in the water – my husband says its not a big deal because “dilution is the solution” – still, it is not something I want in my water.
  • There is a blinking light at the top of the pitcher. I am not sure if this is timed to let you know when to change your filter or if it calculates how often you fill your pitcher up. Interesting anyways.

Some people are okay with tap water but I like to know that my water has as little contaminants as possible and I like my water cold which makes the PUR water pitcher perfect for me!

Check out PUR’s current Promotions if you are interested in their products.

Today’s Redbox code is: M6FR97 Use this code for a free one night movie rental – expires at midnight April 20, 2009.

snow whiteLast week we used our free code to rent: Happily N’ After 2: Snow White

Since JJ has been so busy for the last two weeks grading papers, studying for finals, working on his research experiment  and other projects he didn’t have time to watch a movie. So in an effort to spend some one on one time with Sariah I told her she could come with me to pick a movie. When we stoped at  Albertson’s she began to cry and said “this not library”.

When I took her the Redbox kiosk she was happy and she picked out the snow white movie, I wasn’t surprised since she is really into princess right now. She never inherited that from me! However I have a twin sister who still very much into princess so they’ll have fun next time they are together.

I admit, I never watched the whole movie but from what I did see it seems to be a ‘hip’ version of the original Snow White movie where snow white talks like a valley girl and break dances.

Sariah loved watching the movie and had to watch it the next day. She would have watched it over and over again if she could but I only allow one movie a day.

I just got off the phone with Rebekah’s pediatrician who gave me the results of the last lab test we were waiting on. The test shows that right now her body is not able to digest sugar well! She is definitely lactose intolerant which I already diagnosed myself. I give her a sweet treat now and again but she really doesn’t eat a lot of sweets so that wont be too hard to stop giving her but I also need to take her off all juice and fruit which will be hard as she loves apples and grapes and I always give her half a sippy cup of juice each day.

Once the diarreha clears up I can slowly introduce fruits and other sugars and from there figure out how much sugar her body can handle.

The doctor says that it is not likely that this will turn into diabetes but it is something that worries me as my baby sister was diagnosed with diabetes around the time Rebekah was born.

It will be hard to give Sariah fruit and not Rebekah, I don’t know if I should stop giving Sariah fruit for now or not. I don’t mind the no sweets, I need to cut down on the amount of sweets I eat as well.

This diagnosis however does not explain the vomiting. The doctor thinks the appendectomy should be done sooner especially since the infection is just about gone and she woke up in pain last night. The Ibuprofen helped her but I just want her to be fully recovered. I’ll call the surgeon and discuss my concerns.

Yesterday was Rebekah’s appointment with here surgeon at the Children’s hospital. Around the time we were leaving it started snowing very heavily. So the usual 1 hour drive took a lot longer and we were a little late for the appointment but we were supposed to be early so we could get the lab work done at the outpatient lab before meeting with the surgeon. They didn’t seem to mind that we were late but we had to wait a while to get into the lab and then wait for the surgeon to be done with his other appointments.

Rebekah became fussy after a long wait and didn’t want to play with the toys. All she wanted was JJ’s calculator that he was using to help him grade papers while we were waiting. JJ gave her his calculator and she ended up breaking it – lesson learned.

Good news! Rebekah’s infection from the perforated appendix is almost gone so she had her PICC line removed and is now on oral antibiotics. So much easier to give her oral medicine twice a day than giving her IV medicines 3X a day that takes 45 minutes to complete. She is still vomiting though so we are waiting on one more lab test to see if we can find a reason for her vomiting. All the lab results are supposed to be completed within 24 hours but the doctor is out of the office today so I should find the results out tomorrow.

The surgeon wants to see Rebekah again in two weeks and we will probably schedule the appointment for surgery during that meeting. We are thinking mid or late May is when that will take place.

To make the day even better I bought 6 boxes of granola bars at Albertsons for $1.36! Couponing is so much fun!

I think after Rebekah is recovered from surgery we need to go on a family vacation. Nothing big but I know JJ would love to go camping as a family. I found a website that lists rv parks and camgrounds all over the USA and Canada so we could find a campground in our town or if we end up going to British Columbia this summer we could find a campground to stop off at for a night along the way.

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