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On Monday last week Sariah turned 6 years old. She is such a wonderful older sister to 3 siblings. She loves to help take care of them and be a good example.

Usually we do 5 school subjects each day, however on her birthday I told her that we would do just 3 and she could choose which ones. She chose Art, Science and German. I also let her choose what we would have for dinner and she decided on waffles, bacon, eggs and orange juice.

That evening we had family home evening where we looked at pictures of Sariah from the day she was born to currently and then we talked about how Sariah’s name means “Princess of the Lord” and what it means to be a princess of the Lord (Keep the commandments, be kind, use good manners, dress modestly etc…)

On Saturday we had a birthday part for Sariah. The little girls came dressed as princesses and they made princess crowns. Here is the cake I made:

It looks a little off because I was using the Betty Crocker recipe and set the oven to 325 but I was using a Duncan Hines cake mix that called for the oven to be at 375 (which I realized after the cakes baked). So the cakes did not rise properly and the doll just fit up to her knees. I used a dixie cup to cover her up from the knees to waist.

We participated in the Rex Lee Run again. With 4 little kids, of course we walked but we didn’t just walk … we were slow! We came in 4th and 5th LAST!!!  That is mainly due to JJ’s “I want to be last” attitude.  I think it’s a southern thing….

Anyways it was fun and I thought it was so great that Sariah and Rebekah walked all 5 km themselves. Miriam just sat back in her little stroller the entire time, relaxed as could be and Joshua was a sleep the entire time in the pouch sling I wore.

JJ’s P.I. was one of the people in charge of organizing the Rex Lee Run. He is very well known in the Cancer Research Field. He was the one making announcements on the Megaphone and as we were nearing the finish line the P.I announced “we have 7 very special members of the Lee family with us” and JJ started getting all excited. I admit my first thought was “there are only 6 of us” then I quickly realized he was talking about Rex Lee‘s 7 children.

Rebekah was really cute as she crossed the finish line and people were cheering, she excitedly said “yay! I win, I win!”

Maybe next year I can convince JJ to try to beat this year’s time.


One benefit to homeschooling through K12 is that the students can move up in each subject once they have mastered all the concepts for the subject even if it is before the end of the school year.

Sariah had her last kindergarten lesson and assessment last week so we threw her a little family graduation party with ice cream cones. She also really wanted to open her birthday gift from my sister Sara-Jayne, early. So we got permission to allow that :) It was a pink sweater that she loves.

Teaching Sariah has been such a joy. She learned about patterns, adding, subtracting, graphs, solid shapes, how to spell sight words, syllables, improving her reading skills, Sentence structure, continents, different countries around the world and early American history and a lot more!

She made this train with her 2-d shapes after finishing up a lesson once. I thought it looked great.

I put a lot of thought into what would be the right thing for Sariah starting kindergarten. I really felt like I should homeschool but I was so unsure if I would be qualified to. We put her into a lottery for a charter school but she never got in so I decided to the K12 program and thought maybe I would try again the next year to get both Sariah and Rebekah into charter school. I liked how the school was set up and the kids were just so cute in their uniforms. However after 6 months of homeschooling I have come to love it. Rebekah is so excited to begin kindergarten in August. She loves doing her reading lessons each day and joining in with Sariah where she can.

Homeschooling two children will, I’m sure, come with challenges in the beginning and in the end will be twice the joy.

My Little 4 year old, Rebekah is such a fun child. She loves to dance and sing. It is so much fun watching her dance. She was up all night dancing at my cousins wedding when she was only 2 and a half and more recently on New Years Eve. Here is a picture that my sister took:

Miriam is her little apprentice, copying Rebekah’s moves and telling her when to play another song.

Rebekah’s dj gear consists of the Windows media player default music, classical music on youtube and her Pandora station which mostly plays music from the Disney princess movies.

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This years Valentines was very nice. JJ surprised me with this very cute and yummy cookie when he came home.

He then took the Sariah, Rebekah and Miriam to the church where they were having free babysitting!

While JJ was gone I nursed Joshua down to sleep and then we enjoyed a nice candlelight dinner at home. I made curried vegetables with rice and naan bread including a few heart shaped ones especially for JJ:)

On Sunday the kids were dressed in red, white and pink for church.

All of the girls wore “valentines clothes” on tuesday and I tried to get a good picture but after 10 tries this is the best I could get:

I hope everyone’s Valentines was full of love!

We were recently at a friends home. Their family is quite musical, they have great voices and they play the piano and one of them plays the guitar. He got a guitar second hand for a really good deal and was wanting to play some songs but it took forever to get the guitar correctly tuned. They were talking about how neat it would be to have an electronic guitar tuner.

I had never heard of those so I looked it up online to see what they looked like. I don’t play the guitar (or have any musical ability besides playing hot cross buns on the piano), however I think these are so cool. By the way this is what one version looks like:

There are many other varieties at musiciansfriend.com

Anyways I thought that was interesting, you learn something new everyday! Maybe some of our children will be musical, although we would need to pay someone to teach them because neither JJ or I would be able to.

We may have to wait a bit for musical children but we may have a German speaker soon. Sariah will be completely finished her Kindergarten work within 3 weeks so she is going to moving up to the first grade which means she can add a language within the K12 program and she has decided to learn German.

My babies are growing up so quick! Joshua turned a month old yesterday and Miriam is 20 months today and she has learned so much! She can sing her ABC’s and she knows that letters make words. A lot of little ones her age only focus on pictures in books but she points to the words and makes up what the say. She was “reading” a piece of paper she said “I love Mommy”. How precious is that?!

I love how she talks. The last word is louder than the rest of her little sentences. When she wants me to play ponies with her she says “mom, play GAME!” or when she colours a picture she says “look mom. WOW!”

She takes her role has big sister very seriously – she thinks that whenever Joshua cries he wants her! She wants to hold him all the time. She will sit down with her arms out and say “Hugs Josh” when she wants to hold him.

Joshua is such a wonderful part of our family! He smiles now and loves to look at people. Last night Sariah and Joshua fell asleep together and when I went to take Joshua I found that he was holding onto Sariah’s finger. It was so cute! Rebekah also wants to hold Joshua all the time, she also likes to get him dressed and help change his diaper. She even changes Miriam and does quite a good job folding a cloth diaper! All the girls are such wonderful little mommies!

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Sariah is 6 and in grade 1 and reads at a 3rd grade level. She loves to wear dresses and skirts. Her name means Princess of the Lord and she sure does live up to that.


Rebekah is 5 and in Kindergarten. She is still at that stage where she is excited every time she gets to do school work. She is my little mommy always wanting to do things for her younger siblings. She is high energy, loves to climb trees, run and practice walking on her hands.


Miriam was my first child born at home and it was a wonderful experience. From day one Miriam has been so sweet. She's not a typical temper tantrum throwing toddler but boy does she keep us all on our toes with her curiosity.


Joshua was also born at home. We nick name him "muscle boy" he is a big sturdy boy but still as sweet as can be. His sisters love to make him laugh.

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