Find The Perfect Wineries and Wine Tours for Your Next Trip

Looking for your next great place to visit? You must make a trip over to Kelowna British Columbia to taste some fantastic wines and some of the greatest views on the planet! The wineries that offer guided tours usually remain open to the public throughout the year, although some close in August, for holidays, or during the harvest period, to be able to work more comfortably. But when deciding when to travel to Canada, there is other factors to consider. The vegetative cycle of the vine determines both the tasks performed in the vineyard and the landscape we find in each season.

Perfect Options for the Wine Tours

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons in the Canada, due to the chromatic richness of the countryside in general and the vineyards in particular. The leaves of the vine change color over the course of a few weeks, around October, at different rates depending on the variety of grapes and the characteristics of the plot, so that the vines form mosaics of green, yellow and reddish tones. On the other hand, in the last weeks of September and the first of October the harvest is carried out and it is the best occasion to know a winery in full activity, although some suspend the visits during this period. At a wine tour in Kelowna BC Canada you will be having the perfect opportunities now.

In winter the vines lose the leaf and the naked strains appear which allow bettering appreciating the morphology of the plant, although they give rise to a more austere landscape. Canada spring offers long days and mild temperatures. In the fruit trees and in the vineyards, flowering begins and work is carried out, such as sowing and undressing.

In summer the vines are already covered with leaves and have a uniform green color; It is the time of greatest exuberance of the vineyard. For the wineries it is a period of scarce activity. Some close in August.

What can be seen in the cellars?

We recommend that wine lovers who have never seen a winery make a complete visit that allows them to know the whole process of wine production, from the reception of the grape to the labeling of the bottles. Those who already know this process may prefer to visit a winery that stands out for its age, size or architecture, even when it does not have its own elaboration zones or does not include them in the guided tours. In our selection of wineries of special tourist interest we have indicated which spaces can be visited in each of them.

Price of guided tours

In general, the price of the visits responds to internal criteria that are not directly related to the interest of the facilities or the quality of the services offered. It can depend, on the other hand, on the availability of staff and schedules and, especially, on the wine tasting or tasting that is usually done at the end of the route. Some winery tours offer different types of visits, with different prices, depending on the number and quality of the wines that visitors will taste. As those wines may vary, we recommend people particularly interested in tasting to check which wines they will taste before requesting a visit.

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